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Field is a technology and design consultancy based in Calgary delivering design-oriented digital experiences and future-forward solutions.

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AED Advantage needed a new brand and website to suit the quality of their service. We helped design a new brand and a performant custom site that uses Shopify to fulfill orders.

We partnered with PARK to design and build them a polished canvas to showcase their work.

We don't just make websites and apps—we help organizations understand complex digital problems and build the tools, systems, and digital services needed to solve them.

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We brought Partners Development Group's updated brand to life with the launch of a new website.

We helped Tweed launch their product line in the United States with our agency partners Sajak & Farki.

Falkbuilt is supplying hospitals with rapid response infrastructure. We built a dynamic website for their launch.

Our approach has allowed us to partner with clients of varying industries and sizes whose stories we are proud to share.

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